Economic & Business Strategy

Getting substance on your bare bones strategy or taking your active one to the next level in your company’s journey is Pangea Ultima’s key service.

We will work with you to drive your profitability by:

  • Identifying new opportunities and directions for your business
  • Nurturing relationships for you with new partners to grow turnover
  • Help you acquire new leads to create future sales opportunities
  • Introducing new products/services to markets

Business analysis aimed at your growth

Your business strategy needs analysis to help it accelerate away.  We will help you plan for the future by creating:

  • Winning cases for investors, regulators and politicians
  • Policy simulation and evaluation
  • Evidence-based policy development and advocacy
  • Sales forecasting
  • Market sizing
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing

Research showing the current business trajectory

We know events can disrupt your business and push it off track into new territory.  We will help you better understand new terrain with research analysis that understands the implications of:

  • Government policy and regulation
  • Macroeconomic, social and market trends
  • Technology and market disruption
  • Geopolitics and international trade

Through design, implementation and management of successful strategic research projects, you profitably interpret and use the results of thought leadership.

Why Us?

It is all about diversity in thinking and perspective

We build bespoke teams with the appropriate talent and expertise for each assignment – from economists, market researchers and sociologists, through scientists and engineers, quantitative specialists and statisticians, to lawyers, corporate strategists, finance and tax experts, marketeers, and lobbyists.

Our advice is built on the broadest perspectives, open minds and a willingness to challenge orthodoxy. We communicate and explain research clearly and with authority to any audience.