About Us

Sonya is director of Pangea Ultima which provides independent analysis and consultancy.

Sonya created Pangea Ultima to solve your information and strategy problems. Pangea Ultima is your vehicle for the quality information and insight missing in the interface of technology and business.

Pangea Ultima’s independent analysis and consultancy present detailed information in a clear way to both clients and investors. Pangea Ultima oversees projects that drive revenue growth from inception to completion.

Through big picture analysis, synthesis of issues and decision making. Pangea Ultima transforms the organisation through quality advice, showing sensitivity to stakeholder perspectives in your company and with its clients.

Why choose Pangea Ultima? Superb organisation skills, imagination, ideation, writing, listening and quality feedback is all what you will get.

Sonya leverages 16 years’ experience working in analysis, strategy and research roles across multiple industries including real estate, digital technology, gaming and healthcare. Her good advice reflects a drive and determination to succeed, and her great ability to organise chaos.

From understanding the latest technology trends for a sector to assessing their impact on individual business, Sonya’s pro-active and tenacious personality will get you the insight you need to grow your business turnover. Because Sonya has clarity of direction, even if she does not know an answer, she knows the people who do.

Sonya wants her skills to be useful to people who want to change the world. She feels passionately that technology when applied in a way that is understood by others is a truly effective means to achieve this great goal. She became very clear about this when consulting for technology companies this opened her eyes to the other possibilities that technology offers business.

Contributing to your team’s success and advising people along the way as we work towards your organisations’ bigger goal. We would love the opportunity to handle your challenges. If you feel the same let’s talk.

Sonya Kapur
Peter Jodlowski

Peter has over 30 years of senior level financial, investment, operational, commercial and managerial experience gained with governmental and large multinational entities.

He’s a strategic thinker and solutions driven UK qualified Chartered Accountant. Peter’s focus is in the Sovereign Wealth Fund, Private Equity, Sports, Major Project Real Estate Development, Water, PPP and PPE sectors.

He has secured significant funding for acquisition, project finance and general purpose use. Plus managed reconstruction, advisory, turnaround and interim assignments.

Soban is passionate about synthesizing emerging technologies with legacy and emerging markets. He is an advocate of the future of finance and the metaverse. Soban is also the founder of Aetlas Capital, a Crypto & DeFi fund.

Soban is a strong believer that a society is dictated by its ability to leverage agreements and contracts, and is also an advocate of smart contracts which he believes will usher in a new industrial revolution. Soban looks to invest in smart contract applications that will enable the future of value transfer and change the way we fundamentally engage in agreements with one another. 

Herb Gibson

Herbert (Herb) Gibson, a visionary and pioneer of the future of insurance and risk management. Over the course of the last ten years, Herb has given more than 1200 presentations on the future of insurance.

Herb was an early developer of insurtech, building GAPro System as a verification system to insurance policy information all stakeholders could trust. Herb has won awards for his forward thinking and technology development. He’s a serial entrepreneur that has bootstrapped and raised venture capital for his startups in the past. He continues to consult and advise young up and coming technology startup entrepreneurs because he believes technology is the great enabler to unlock the future of our digital economy to significantly reduce poverty and hunger in our world.

Herb is currently Managing Director of PKVC Fund, a hybrid venture firm with a unique approach to investing in startups in developing communities that are in the Seed or Series A stage.

Finally, Herb is a 1995 graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he played football under the tutelage of Coach Lou Holtz. He has a master’s degree in management and concentration in finance from Walsh College.